Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!!

Happy fifth anniversary to my wonderful husband, Steve!  You are everything to me and my life is richer for having you in it. 

Thanks, Sweetie...for everything you do and everything you are.  For better or worse, I'm yours forever.


Fun With New Things

I had such a great time at the June 14th trunk show at the luncheon held for the ladies of Barton Creek Country Club.  What a fun afternoon!  Ladies shopping with champagne in hand...can't beat it.  I met so many lovely people and really enjoyed myself.  Looks like I'll be back there for a trunk show on July 31st and tentatively on July 3rd.  There will also soon be several pairs of my earrings in their boutique, Eliza's.  Barton Creek is my new BFF.

I've been so busy working on new items for the shows and a few custom orders that I've barely stopped to post new photos for you all (much less eat, grocery shop, etc!). 

This is the spinel bracelet that came out of the lovely strands pictured in the previous post.  It really sparkles.  I've been wanting to do this piece for a long time and am so happy with the outcome.  It's 10 strands, finished with a black onyx clasp and looks fantastic on.


I think I might have mentioned before, I'm really into prasiolite right now.  I love it's silvery-green color.  This necklace was going to have some other elements added to it as well, but once I finished putting this much together, I loved its simplicity and left it as it is.

Carrying on with the theme of beautiful simplicity...
This one blue topaz briolette stood out both in color, shape and faceting from all of the others in my stock.  Striking enough to stand on it's own, I simply added a chain.  It's already found a new home.  
As always, Widget is by my side, ready to "help" in any way he can.  He's been sticking very close to the both of us since he lost his big brother in March.  He continued to insist that his services were best rendered by lying in the middle of the table.  As a compromise, he now has his own space so he can keep close watch over what I'm working on (note the cushion on the corner of my table...I'm such a sucker!).  It's been his new favorite place to spend the day.

Widget is the kind of cat who really needs a buddy.  I feel terrible leaving him alone when we go out of town.  He's been so lonely.  

So...speaking of new things... the latest addition to our family.  Widget's new little sister, Molly! 

They're already the best of friends...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hard at Work Again...FINALLY!

We've had so much going on in the past couple of months, I've found it difficult to focus on Amy Holton Designs lately.  Shortly after putting my sister-in-law on her return flight to England, our last in a long line of events, I found myself sick in bed for two weeks.  Just what I needed!  UGH.  I'm sure it was my body's way of saying it's time to slow down and regroup.  Nonetheless, while in bed with my laptop and tissues I accepted an invitation to do a trunk show on the 14th of June at Barton Creek Resort and Spa, an absolutely beautiful resort and country club here in Austin.  I'm so flattered that they sought me out and extended the invitation.  Not a bad place to spend an afternoon and it's just the thing I needed to get me going again.  Of course this means new supplies were ordered and I have a head full of designs.  I'm absolutely in love with this black spinel that is about to become a very sparkly bracelet!!

One more thing...
It was so nice to come back after my blog-hiatus and find so many new followers!  Hello to you all.  I'm so pleased to have you join me and look forward to your comments!